Wedding Questionnaire

In the form below you can fill out the details of your wedding as you go ahead and plan it. Fill it in as much or as little as you want, you can also fill it in multiple times to change your previous answers.

So that I can get in touch with you before, during and after the wedding!

The more details I have about the timeline of your wedding the easier it gets for me to helo you keep track of time. Specific times for speeches, games etc during dinner is normally held secret from the bride and groom before the wedding so those are not included in this form. I will reach out to your toastmaster/toastmadame closer to your wedding to get any information I might need.

Share the details of your wedding so that I can plan my photography for your unique wedding. Knowing about special moments ahead of times helps me find the best angle and light ahead of time.

To me it's important that members of your family feel seen by me as a photographer, so I'd like to know a little about them before the wedding.

I plan my photography from yourwishes and desires and I'll do my best to fulfill as much of it as possible with reservations for exceptions as per our agreement.

I'd love to tag your other suppliers in social media and maybe send them a photo or two with your consent.